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We have five departments, each set up to provide a different kind of service based on your needs. These departmental divisions are as follows: technical services, openings, closings, and weekly/monthly maintenance.

Technical Services

Tech service employs diagnostic approaches to troubleshooting and repairing numerous mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems of your in-ground pool and Baja or Garden Leisure spa. Our customer-minded technicians are happy to examine and provide you with a remedy for your in-ground pool and spa.



Spring's Pools and Spas has a wide variety of openings to fit your needs. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to build your own opening from a number of different services we have available. If you have been a customer in the past, and would like to order by name, that option is still available. From the Economy Opening to the worry-free All Inclusive opening, Spring's Pools will help you determine which opening is right for you. We do an extensive 7 point inspection service all types of automatic covers to insure a worry free operation throughout the swimming season.



For peace of mind throughout the winter months, have our staff inspect and winterize your equipment and pool lines. We offer many types of closings from an equipment and pool line winterization to full service chemical and cover installation. Don't be concerned with your pool when the weather won't let you swim.



Friendly technicians will allow you to enjoy your in-ground pool with a minimal amount of work on your behalf. From the All inclusive opening to your full closing, we will monitor chemical levels and perform routine maintenance on your in-ground pool or spa. We offer a number of different programs from which to choose. We'll even do your maintenance for you when you go on vacation. Call us to help to decide what program works best for you.



Spring's Pools and Spas provides an in-ground pool renovation division that can supply you with an estimate for the work required to fulfill your request. Our work includes jobs ranging from liner installations, to underground leak detection and line replacement, to complete pool replacement.

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